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Mission & Vision


Beth Meyer Preschool is part of a Conservative Jewish synagogue in Raleigh and has provided quality early childhood education in the Raleigh area since 1989.

Our mission is to connect children to Jewish life through meaningful hands-on exploration.

We envision a school where children will flourish through ownership of authentic learning experiences rooted in Jewish values.

Through developmentally-appropriate practice, play-based and emergent curriculum, and daily integration of Jewish values, optimal growth and learning are fostered in every area of a child’s development: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, cultural and spiritual.

Beth Meyer Preschool strives to provide an environment that facilitates growth of:

  • Self confidence and a positive self image
  • Enthusiasm for the learning process
  • Effective problem solving
  • Respect and caring for others
  • A feeling of group belonging
  • Complex skills in all areas of development