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Tuition & Fees

2017-2018 Schedule

Core Morning Program

 Class  Ages and Days Available  

Annual Tuition Cost (August – May)


8am – 1pm

12-24 Months on 8/31/17

2 Days (T, Th)

3 Days (MWF)

5 Days






8am – 1pm

Two on 8/31/16

2 Days (T, Th)

3 Days (MWF)

5 Days






8am – 1pm

Three on 8/31/16

3 Days (MWF)

5 Days





8am – 1pm

Four on 8/31/16

5 Days



Sibling Discounts – A discount of 10% per month is granted to the second and each subsequent sibling enrolled in the morning program.

Afternoon Program

The Afternoon Program is available from 1pm to 5pm, Monday through Friday, for children 12 months and older.

Afternoon Program

1pm – 5pm

Annual Cost
1 Day $  675
2 Days $1,350
3 Days $2,000
4 Days $2,475
5 Days $3,050

Additional Fees

Non-Member Surcharge: Our tuition is subsidized by Beth Meyer Synagogue as part of their mission to support our congregation. Families who are not members of Beth Meyer Synagogue are subject to a 20% surcharge of tuition expenses.

Registration Fee: Non-refundable registration fee of $200 for the first child and $150 for each additional child.

Late Payment Fees: Tuition payments made after the tenth of the month will be charged a late fee of $25.

Late Pick-Up Fee: A fee of $5 for every 10 minutes will be charged each time a child is picked up more than ten minutes after the end of the child’s class or program. We would appreciate a phone call informing us of impending late pick-ups.

Volunteer Opt-Out Fee: Preschool families are required to volunteer 10 hours through the school year. Families who choose not to complete their volunteer hours may opt out at a rate of $15/hour. A volunteer preference form is available from the office or through the preschool website.

Financial Assistance

Government Funded

Beth Meyer Preschool accept students on subsidy programs through Wake County Human Services. Please set a time to meet with the director and bring your completed registration form and your voucher (paperwork) from the county.

Internally Funded

Beth Meyer Preschool offers need-based scholarships to families who do not qualify for the Wake County subsidy program. These scholarships apply to the cost of school year tuition only. Families must reapply to be considered for subsequent years. Assistance requests must be received with the application; there is up to a 30-day wait period before financial assistance will be awarded. Please email to request a financial assistance application for the current year.

Our goal is to enable all families who desire a Jewish early education for their child to be able to attend.