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Ariyot (Pre-Kindergarten)

Pre-Kindergarten is an exciting step for children and for parents.

Ariyot students engage in a rich array of language experiences that develop the essential prerequisites for reading and writing. We have both structured and unstructured activities such as puppet shows, dramatic play, and children’s literature to develop pre-literacy skills, explore the use of the written word, and foster a love of reading.

Letterland is a phonics journey brought to life. This means that the children learn the actual sounds that letters make in words. By using the special Letterland “sound tricks”, children soon learn all the a-z sounds. Letterland also provides a unique link between letter sounds and letter shapes. By bringing the Letterland characters to life through a series of fun phonic fables and adventures, children respond and begin to develop a lasting love of language and reading.

On a daily basis the children are exposed to science, social studies, drama, art, cooking, outdoor activities, music and movement.